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Spiritual Disciplines For Times Like These

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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Last week, the weather became a metaphor for the state of the world around me. Gray skies, thunder, lightning, and pouring rain felt like a physical manifestation of the emotional chaos inside. Like the storm that raged, I have no control over the pandemic, social unrest, or a myriad of other things going on right now. And as hard as those things are, there is more - a family member suffers from a devastating illness, a dear friend dies, someone I love has cancer, and the long-term impact of my broken family of origin lingers on. It seems like most of the people I talk to are feeling the effects of communal trauma as well as personal stress and anxiety.

In all of the chaos of life right now and the world around me changing daily, I long for security and safety. It is a longing that the Spirit of God uses to draw me into the loving arms of Christ. Underneath the anxiety caused by the storms, is a desperate desire that only God and God alone can fill.

The storms of life are a force with the power to peel back the layers of my surface needs and reveal what is hidden beneath. In this case, my need to be safe and secure points to a deeper longing for God, my Shelter in the storm. Identifying what is underneath my anxiety exposes the desperation and longing I have for more of Christ.

This hunger for deepening relationship with Jesus drives me to intentionally seek Him by engaging in spiritual disciplines. If I am learning anything in the midst of the storms, it’s that I am more desperately in need of God than ever. And as I come to Him in my desperation and desire, I sense Him welcoming me into His safe and loving embrace.

What spiritual practices are helpful in these unprecedented days for bringing all of who we are and what we are experiencing into relationship with God? How do we keep company with Jesus in the storms?

I am beginning a series of blogs - Spiritual Disciplines for Times Like These. In the coming weeks, I will share spiritual practices along with other resources that are helpful for me right now. There is no need to engage in the practices exactly as I describe. Take them into your own alone time with the Lord and let your prayer take shape as the Holy Spirit leads. Engaging in spiritual practices creates space to enjoy company with Jesus – even as the storm around us rages on.

I recently posted a couple of prayer practices that have been very meaningful for me these past few months. I’ve posted links to those below along with a link to a wonderful video resource, How to Pray in the Storm. I pray that these, as well as future blog posts will be meaningful as you seek God in times like these.

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Blogs in this series:

Webinar Hosted by Renovare Ministry

How to Pray in the Storm - Mimi Dixon and Chris Hall


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